Seventy four (74) personnel of the Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division (MSESDD) composed of Division and Section Chiefs from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Central Office (CO) and Regional Offices (ROs) participated in a national forum conducted in Bayview Park Hotel Manila on March 14-18, 2016.

The Forum served as a venue for the discussion and resolution of issues relating to mine safety and health, environmental management, mine rehabilitation and social development.

During the Forum, the group was divided into four clusters namely: Mine Safety and Health, Mine Environmental Management (Environmental Audit/Environmental Management and Mine Rehabilitation), Social Development and MSESDD Chiefs Cluster, and discussed related issues and concerns.

In the plenary session, the clusters presented their agreements and proposed resolutions to MGB Director Leo L. Jasareno.

In his message, Director Jasareno reminded the MSESDD personnel that "You are the sentinels of the mining industry," since MSESDD is the MGB's front line in the enforcement of environmental and mining laws in the mining industry in the country.

Director Jasareno declared that the National MSESDD Forum should be an annual event that will be hosted by different MGB ROs every March of the year. For 2017, the host will be MGB Regional Office No. I.

By: Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division


MSESDD 1 - April 15 2016

Participants of the 2016 National MSESDD Forum with MGB Director Leo L. Jasareno


MSESDD 2 - April 15 2016

MGB Assistant Director Danilo U. Uykieng delivering the Opening Remarks
during the Opening Ceremony of the Forum


MSESDD 3 - April 15 2016

MSESD Division Chief Cluster


MSESDD 4 - April 15 2016

Mine Safety and Health Cluster


MSESDD 5 - April 15 2016

Social Development Cluster


MSESDD 6 - April 15 2016

Mine Environmental Management Cluster


MSESDD 7 - April 15 2016

Mine Rehabilitation Cluster


MSESDD 8 - April 15 2016

Plenary discussion with MGB Director Jasareno


 MSESDD 9 - April 15 2016

Participants of 2016 National MSESDD Forum



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