The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) recently uploaded the detailed landslide and flood geohazard maps (1:10,000 scale) which can now be viewed and downloaded for free at the MGB website.

Users may view the maps by clicking on any of the two (2) geohazard map icons found on the left side of the MGB webpage: the "Geohazard Web Portal" icon on the top portion and the "Geohazard Map Visualization on Google" icon on the lower portion.


Geohazard map icons on the MGB webpage.


The "Geohazard Web Portal" icon uses online base maps accessed from the Philippine Geoportal System of the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, while the "Geohazard Map Visualization on Google" utilizes Google Street Map and Google Earth.



Geohazard map with Google Street Map as base map.


Users can also download, write a report on or share the maps in Facebook or Twitter. The maps are in JPEG format and have a resolution of 150 dots per inch.

Direct links to the geohazard maps can be viewed here: Base Maps and Geohazard Map Visualization on Google.

Geohazard maps are the output of the DENR-MGB National Geohazard Assessment Program. Under this Program, the 1:10,000 scale landslide and flood susceptibility assessment of 1,634 cities and municipalities were completed in 2014. Printed copies of these maps were set to be distributed to all Local Government Units (LGUs) in 2016. Intensive IEC campaigns explaining to the local communities how to use these maps are being conducted by the MGB since 2015. Through the use of these maps, communities at risk can better prepare for natural hazards and avoid disaster. The maps are also very useful as reference for the preparation and updating of the Comprehensive Land Use Plans of the LGUs.

By: Lands Geological Survey Division