The Economic Geology Section of the Lands Geological Survey Division (LGSD) conducted a five-day workshop for Capacity Building on Advanced Exploration last February 22 to 26, 2021. This was held via Microsoft Teams with representatives from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Central and Regional offices. Guest speakers from the private and government sectors, namely, Dr. Rogel Santos and Mr. Claro Jose Mainpon from the mining sector and Dr. Carlo A. Arcilla, Director of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute were invited to share their expertise and experiences in conducting advanced exploration. Seasoned geologists of MGB also shared several case studies which may help in the implementation of the Advance Exploration Project of LGSD.

Part of the mandate of MGB is taking direct charge in the administration and disposition of mineral lands and mineral resources of the country and in promulgating rules and regulations, policies, and programs relating to mineral resources management. The Advanced Exploration Project is intended to assess in more detail the potential and mineral resources of the most prospective regions identified during the regional scale exploration programs and through the Geologic Quadrangle Mapping Program. The Project also aims to specifically identify strategic locations for the promotion of mineral investment and corresponding economic activities that can provide direct and indirect employment as well as income (in the form of taxes and royalties and other charges related to the mining operations) to the communities, and expand the geoscientific information and knowledge base of strategic mineral resources and their occurrences in the Philippines.

During the final day, the participants were able to draft the checklist on Exploration procedures for the following types of mineral deposits: (1) laterite deposits with potential Co, Rare Earth Element (REE), Platinum Group Elements (PGE); (2) Metallic Prospects/ Deposits with potential REE/PGE; (3) SAG & Dredge fill Deposits with potential Au, Fe, Cr, Ti, V, REE; and (4) Non-metallic Prospects / Deposits with potential REE/PGE and associated metals.



By: Lands Geological Survey Division


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Group picture of the “Capability Building on Advanced Exploration” participants held via Microsoft Teams last February 22 – 26, 2021