On November 21-24, 2017, the 64th Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference (ANMSEC) will be held in Baguio City. This event is being spearheaded by the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA) in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Mines and Geosciences Bureau, the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, the Philippine Society of Mining Engineers (PSEM), mining companies, quarries, cement plants, suppliers, service contractors and other professional organizations.  PMSEA is the country's forerunner in the promotion of the occupational safety and health, sound environmental management and social responsibility in the minerals industry.

This year’s theme for the 64th ANMSEC is “Responsible Mining… In the Hearts and Minds of Filipinos”.

Yearly, ANMSEC is the biggest gathering in the mining industry composed of mining companies, mining contractors and suppliers, students, professional organizations, community relations officers, and government officials.

Below is the schedule of the week-long event:

 MSEDD 1 November 17 2017

The highlights of this year’s ANMSEC are the following:

  • Tree Planting Activity at Baguio Botanical Garden
  • Welcome Cocktails at Baguio Country Club
  • Sports Fest (Badminton, Golf, Bowling and Lawn Tennis)
  • Mining Exhibit by Mining Companies and Suppliers
  • 3rd National Minerals Industry Student Congress of students taking up BS Mining Engineering, BS Geology, BS Metallurgical Engineering and other related mining and geology courses)
  • 5th Community Relations Officers Conference in cooperation with National Community Relations Practitioners in the Philippine Mining/Minerals Industry
  • Minerals Industry Symposium in cooperation with PSEM
  • Minerals Industry Parade
  • Mine Safety Field Demonstration and Field Competition on First Aid, Machine Drilling, Hand Mucking, Tug-of-Peace, Fire Extinguishing and Fire Brigade)

The Testimonial Dinner and Annual Awards Night is the culminating activity in the celebration of the 64th ANMSEC, wherein the deserving mining companies are awarded the following:

  • Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Award
  • Best Mining Forest Contest
  • Safest Mines Awards and Mines Best Personalities

By: Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division